Objective: Students will see examples of historic sites around White Bear, either in person or through a slide show. Students will demonstrate knowledge of WBL's historical society, and recognize the ongoing efforts to preserve history within the White Bear area.

Materials: If taking the tour, schools will need to arrange transportation. If hearing the presentation, schools must provide appropriate equipment.

Preparation: Contact the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society at 651-407-5327 to verify fees and to arrange the tour/presentation.


A) 45-60 minute tour of the Fillebrown House with a costumed guide highlighting the resort era of White Bear Lake and the life of the Fillebrown family in White Bear from 1905 to 1978.

B) 30-45 minute tour of the Depot Museum and caboose highlighting the railroad and transportation history of White Bear Lake from 1868-present.

C) 45-60 minute walking tour of White Bear Lake's business district highlighting the "then-and-now" aspect of the buildings and businesses that have come and gone from 1870-present.

D) 20-30 minute in-class presentation (a slide show/Powerpoint) review of White Bear's history highlighting the resorts, railroads, and buildings that have created our community. 30 minute trivia game with class divided into two teams to reinforce facts learned or newspaper scavenger hunt activity that focuses on aspects of life in a certain time period (1895 or 1908).

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