Looking Ahead to Fall!

“A Century of Civic Engagement”

At the White Bear Town Hall

September 25th-26th Noon-4pm

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Fillebrown House

1879 lakeside cottage at the corner of Lake and Morehead Avenues.

The Armory

Located on the corner of Fourth Street and Cook Avenue, the Armory is Minnesota’s newest listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

White Bear Town Hall

Located in White Bear Township, the Town Hall is an important historical centerpiece for the greater community.

We Save History

The White Bear Lake Area Historical Society connects our community to its past, cultivating an understanding and appreciation for our history. We fulfill our mission by:

Maintain Our Heritage

We are the safe keepers of our heritage. We gather and maintain historical information and artifacts.

Community Storytellers

We are the community storytellers. We educate the community about the history of the White Bear Lake area.

Historic Preservation

We are advocates for historic preservation. We encourage personal and community responsibility for preserving our physical links to the past.