1910 Census Activity

Objective: Students will learn what life would have been like in our area in 1910.

Materials: Census cards for each student, and teacher information sheet with possible questions from the census.

Preparation: Print the census cards and distribute by family grouping.  1910 Census Cards

Introduction: We will use census information to learn about what life would have been like for the people who lived here in 1910.

Census Activity: Distribute the census cards to each student then ask them to find their “family” or “household”. Note: some of the households have additional members outside of the traditional family. Each card has a household number on it to match up the groups. Once the students are grouped with the other members of their household there can be a discussion on some of the similarities and the differences between the individuals. Ask the students to move to one side of the room or another in response to questions. For example: How many were born in Minnesota? By having the kids be more active and actually move into the different groups: those born in Minnesota on this side of the room, those born elsewhere on this side, etc. it can be more visual and hopefully bring some of those facts “to life” for them.

Wrap Up: Ask the students if they know where they were born, or where their parents were born. Encourage them to talk to their parents about their childhood and experiences.