Lake Avenue walking tour

by | Jun 4, 2023

Aerial View of Cottage Park, ca. 1932

Ramaley BOat WorkS

Plantation Night CLub, ca. 1930

Interior of Plantation Night Club

Amundson Boat Works

Gus Amundson at the White BEar Lake Boat Yard

White Bear Lake Boat Yard

Leip’s Hotel, ca. 1870

Hotel Leip

William Leip, ca. 1890

Billiard Hall At Leip House, ca. 1880

Etching of Leip’s Hotel, ca. 1885

St. Paul Auto Club, ca. 1912

St. Paul Auto Club

White Bear Avenue and White Bear Shopping Center, ca. 1960

Red Owl and White BEar Shopping Center

Blommers at Anchor Inn

Johnson Boat Works

John O. Johnson and his Model of the Minnezitka

Interior of Johnson Boat Works

Interior of Boat Works Commons Community Room

Aerial View of Lakeshore, ca. 1932

Streetcar at Lakeshore and Model Boats on Lake ca. 1930

Lake Shore Pavilion, ca. 1880

Ramaley’s Lake Shore Refreshment Pavilion, ca. 1890

Ramaley Pavilion and Lakeshore Depot, ca. 1895

Auditorium at Ramaley Pavilion, ca. 1895

Lake Avenue, ca. 1915

Lake Avenue, ca. 1920

Mound Cottage, ca. 1880

Maria Markoe

William Markoe

Mound Cottage, ca. 1930

Mound Cottage, ca. 2000

Dock at Shady Lane, ca. 1905

James C. Murray House, ca. 1890

Diving platform at Clark Avenue, ca. 1910

Clark Avenue looking toward the Lake, ca. 1920

1868 White Bear Lake Depot

Cyrus B. Cobb House

Swimming at the lake, ca. 1900

Williams House Hotel, ca. 1890

Williams House Hotel, ca. 1890

Chateaugay Hotel, ca. 1890

ChateauGay Hotel Letterhead, 1865

Grandmother Oak on Lake Avenue, 2015

Fillebrown House, ca. 1930

Charles Noyes

Emily Noyes

Etching of Interior of Fillebrown House, ca. 1885

George Young

Ellen Young

Helen and Arthur Fillebrown

Harriet Fillebrown

Walter Fillebrown

Helen and Arthur Fillebrown, ca. 1970

Fillebrown House Interior

Fillebrown House, ca. 1980

Geist Gazebo, ca. 1910

Geist Gazebo, 1985

Aerial View of Manitou Island, ca. 1932

Drive from Manitou Island, ca. 1910

Manitou Island Bridge, ca. 1910

Manitou Island Clubhouse, ca. 1885

Boat House and Rental along Lake Avenue

Low Water LEvels along lake Avenue, ca. 1930

Gerry Speiss Boat Landing

View North of the Island

Clearing the lot for Memorial Beach, 1946

Volunteers picnicking at Memorial Beach

Memorial Beach Lot cleared, 1946

Luau at Memorial Beach, ca. 1970