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Many Faces is a collaboration of organizations from the greater White Bear Lake Area that looks to build community by providing opportunities to listen, learn, reflect, and engage in conversations on equity, diversity, and inclusion; to explore our history and acknowledge our changing demographics; to gain insight into the experiences and perspectives of our neighbors; and to better understand the role we each play in creating a more welcoming and inclusive community.
The historical society recommends starting with the “Many Faces of the White Bear Lake Area” e-book. Written by Debra C. Barnes and Sara Markoe Hanson, this 39 page book walks you through the history of the area dating back to when Ojibwe, orAnishinaabe migrated here from Lake Superior’s south shore.
Many Faces of the White Bear Lake Area Book

The Original 3 Programs

The content of these programs was captured in a 2020 publication, funded with a Legacy grant from the Minnesota Historical Society.

Original Events Original People

The Original People: Dakota & Ojibwe

Changing Tradition: European Settlers; and Shifting Demographics
Changing Tradition: European Settlers; and Shifting Demographics
Baby Boom & Migration
Baby Boom & Migration

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Many Faces offers different ways to explore our communities past and shared journey forward.

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